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Kids 'N' Fun Crafts

Your source for arts & crafts for your preschool children

We strive to offer daycare facilities a complete, easy, fun, and affordable way to provide art and study materials for their children. Our projects are thoughtfully designed for young children, and come with easy instructions.

Each monthly kit includes:

  • A craft or worksheet for each weekday of the month for each child.
  • Any special materials required to complete the crafts (paper plates, brads, wiggle eyes, paper bags, lace, wiggle eyes, stickers, buttons, pipe cleaners, etc (ALL INCLUDED)). *
  • A number of the month and three letters of the month
  • A nursery rhyme or story with a corresponding project
  • Complete instructions with a project calendar
  • A blank calendar to post birthdays, holidays, or special events

    * basics such as crayons, scissors, glue, etc. not included

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